Hand Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis in the hands can bring about pain and swelling. The revolutionary combination of ingredients in the Movexa formula has been proven to help sufferers manage pain, with many users being able to ease back on some of their prescription medication. Some have reported that they have been able to completely stop taking their medication and strictly use Movexa for pain management.


Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis in the knee can develop at any time, and it is degenerative. By using high-grade ingredients to help restore cartilage and reverse damage, users may see results in as little as two weeks. Cartilage will break down over time, especially in people who lead active, athletic lifestyles. The ingredients in Movexa have been shown to help the body maintain its healthy cartilage, and in some cases reverse the process of cartilage breakdown.


Back Pain

The synovial joints located in the spine are targeted as a prime cause for a large majority of the population’s lower back pains. In particular, the zygapophysial joints present in your spine tend to exhaust with age and often result in facet joint arthritis. To stop the joints in your back from experiencing inflammation, the cause of many pains itself, people seek boswellia serrata for healing.


Foot Pain

Consisting of 33 joints alone, the foot is unquestionably susceptible to osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint disease can cause the foot to feel pains from stiffness to uncontrollable swelling. Discomforts from inflammation, that can often lead to impaired walking, may be reduced dramatically with Movexa. Movexa’s formula provides users with a consistent amount of ingredients that are all known to help directly with the joints by reducing inflammation.


Elbow Pain

Everyone experiences temporary aches and pains from time to time for reasons not immediately apparent. Typically, they go away on their own with little hassle. But tendonitis and other recurring problems can be an entirely different story. Our joints and connective tissue can break down and potentially degenerate if left untreated. Movexa has crafted a formula to remedy these uncomfortable situations by including ingredients that have been used for ages.


Neck Pain

Neck pains, referred to as cervicalgia, are commonly experienced throughout the world. Many people suffer from cervicalgia as a result of agitated joints in their neck or upper back. Common causes for these pains can vary in seriousness from the source being stress or over-use to whiplash or pinched nerves. Proper attention to distressed areas, combined with Movexa’s natural formula, have helped many overcome the strongest of pains.


Hip Pain

Hip joint pain is a familiar discomfort shared among many. Our hips are designed to endure repetitive movement and consistent use; however, it is often the case that the cartilage wears down over the years resulting in irritating pain not only in the hips, but in the thighs, groin, and other areas surrounding them as well. Many of Movexa’s users have claimed that the all natural product has helped ease hip joint pain and increase overall flexibility in the body.*